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Paid Search
Search marketing is an opportunity to be relevant and in front of the consumer at the moment they're seeking. But the fight to stay relevant and well-placed on the search engines is becoming even more challenging as the landscape changes and the engines evolve. As intrepid innovators and pioneers in paid search and SEO for more than a decade, our teams will expertly navigate your brand to the top of the search pages and pioneer the technology that will power the high-performing integrated search programs of the future.
We place significant investment in research and technology to help our clients derive better insights and higher performance on the search engines. Our technologies include a sophisticated SEO reporting dashboard, paid search auditing tools and one of the industry's most advanced SEM bid optimization and digital media attribution platforms.
The largest brands with the most complex search campaigns in the world turn to us to manage their SEM programs. With millions in SEM spend, we stand apart in our ability to manage large-scale search marketing programs and take them to the next level with fantastic web design.

To succeed in today’s global environment, companies must understand the trends driving the world and continually adapt their positioning, operational models and culture accordingly. Creative Capital Group is committed to uncovering the key ingredients to help our clients become high-performance businesses.
You have objectives to meet. You have investors to impress. You have business challenges to overcome. The rapid evolution of Internet technology has forced businesses to recognize both the competitive challenges and the extensive business development opportunity that the web offers.
• Competitive Analysis and Demographic Research
• Business Model Review
• Digital Marketing Strategies
• Brand Identity & Positioning Review
• Product Launches and Redesigns
• Lead Generation Solutions
• Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategy
• Business Development Initiatives
• Social Media Strategies
• Software Development Analysis
We help small businesses find opportunities for sustainable profitable organic growth. Our process combines consulting, business services, strategic planning, data analytics, competitive analysis, sales and business development exploration. Our team finds actionable insights from which our clients boost revenue, reduce expenses, expand and strengthen customer relationships and increase net income.
Building a brand means more than designing a logo. It an integral part of any company and reflects the over values of the organization. It means more than running some ads. It means more than writing a brochure, putting up a website and coming up with a catchy tagline. It means evaluating all the elements of your identity and uniting them in a way that makes just the right impact. Doing it right takes strategy, tactics, implementation and time. So if you call us for help building up, building out or rebuilding your brand, just know that we’re ready to deliver.
Logo Design
Too many people overlook the importance of a good logo. Although a bad logo will rarely ruin you, a great one can catapult you to the top of your field. Nothing is more of an asset than a single symbol that inspires the thought of your product in people’s minds.
A logo must be a combination of several things: it must be attractive, compelling, relatable, and, most important, instantly identifiable. It must be the bridge between you and a relationship with a client, and must represent all the qualities you want people to see in your brand. Never underestimate the advantages of a good logo.
What we do is a very collaborative process – a fluid approach that includes you every step of the way